Our Story

1. an ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material.
synonyms: edging, edge, border, trimming, frill, flounce, ruffle; More
the front part of a person's hair cut so as to hang over the forehead; bangs.
not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.


Who we are

Carol and I (Cheri)  have both been hair stylists in the Peachtree City area for over 20 years. We finally crossed paths at a Symposium at Pinewood Studios. Both of us were looking to further their careers as stylits in film/media. Our common interests lead to conversations over coffee, attempted wig making, taking classes together, and a lot of lunches. Before long we not only became friends but discovered we shared the same passion and outlook on the beauty industry. Together we wanted to provide not only a beautiful enviroment to flourish our own careers but to offer the same opportunity to other entrepreneurial hair stylists as well.  Our salon CC Fringe offers hair stylists the benefits of working in an upbeat environment which fosters education and continued growth in the industy. We want too offer stylists  all the benefits of working in the best salon along with being in control of their personal work/life balance. We think we have created the perfect place.

CC-  The  initials of the Owners of CC Fringe. Carol Russman and Cheri King are two hair designers coming together for a common purpose. It's all about the Fringe.